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Concept Anaerobiosis
Academic Article Anaerobic benzene biodegradation--a new era.
Academic Article Re-identification of the halotolerant, biosurfactant-producing Bacillus licheniformis strain JF-2 as Bacillus mojavensis strain JF-2.
Academic Article Genomic insights into syntrophy: the paradigm for anaerobic metabolic cooperation.
Academic Article Properties of the biosurfactant produced by Bacillus licheniformis strain JF-2.
Academic Article Mechanisms of microbial movement in subsurface materials.
Academic Article Relationship of hydrogen bioavailability to chromate reduction in aquifer sediments.
Academic Article Anaerobic growth of Bacillus mojavensis and Bacillus subtilis requires deoxyribonucleosides or DNA.
Academic Article Evidence for aceticlastic methanogenesis in the presence of sulfate in a gas condensate-contaminated aquifer.
Academic Article Cyclohexa-1,5-diene-1-carbonyl-coenzyme A (CoA) hydratases of Geobacter metallireducens and Syntrophus aciditrophicus: Evidence for a common benzoyl-CoA degradation pathway in facultative and strict anaerobes.
Academic Article The genome sequence of Desulfatibacillum alkenivorans AK-01: a blueprint for anaerobic alkane oxidation.
Academic Article Operation-driven heterogeneity and overlooked feed-associated populations in global anaerobic digester microbiome.
Academic Article Catabolism and interactions of uncultured organisms shaped by eco-thermodynamics in methanogenic bioprocesses.
Academic Article Thiosulfate disproportionation by Desulfotomaculum thermobenzoicum.
Academic Article Benzoate fermentation by the anaerobic bacterium Syntrophus aciditrophicus in the absence of hydrogen-using microorganisms.
Academic Article Cross-Feedings, Competition, and Positive and Negative Synergies in a Four-Species Synthetic Community for Anaerobic Degradation of Cellulose to Methane.
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