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Concept Endotoxins
Academic Article Spin trapping of free radicals produced in vivo in heart and liver during endotoxemia.
Academic Article Evaluation of in vivo free radical activity during endotoxic shock using scavengers, electron microscopy, spin traps, and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy.
Academic Article Involvement of hydroxyl radicals in endotoxin-evoked shock.
Academic Article The role of nitric oxide in endotoxin-elicited hypodynamic circulatory failure.
Academic Article In vivo evaluation of the role of neutrophil-derived free radicals in the development of endotoxic shock.
Academic Article Pentoxifylline interferes with potential sources of free radical generation during endotoxemia.
Academic Article Renal interleukin-1 expression during endotoxemia and gram-negative septicemia in conscious rats.
Academic Article Rapid reduction of intestinal cytochrome a,a3 during lethal endotoxemia.
Academic Article Dose-related reduction of intestinal cytochrome a,a3 induced by endotoxin in rats.
Academic Article Lack of suppressed renal thrombomodulin expression in a septic rat model with glomerular thrombotic microangiopathy.
Academic Article In vivo spin trapping of nitric oxide generated in the small intestine, liver, and kidney during the development of endotoxemia: a time-course study.
Academic Article Dimethyl sulfoxide antagonizes hypotensive, metabolic, and pathologic responses induced by endotoxin.
Academic Article Evaluation of thyrotropin releasing hormone as a therapeutic intervention for endotoxemia.
Academic Article Dose-related effects of isoflurane on superior mesenteric vasoconstriction induced by endotoxemia in the rat.
Academic Article Dose-response effect of in vivo administration of endotoxin on polymorphonuclear leukocytes oxidative burst.
Academic Article Oxygen metabolism changes and outcome in response to immediate colloid treatment in the endotoxaemic rat.
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