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Concept Body Composition
Academic Article Changes in the plantaris muscle as an indicator of alterations in lean body mass of obese Zucker rats following prolonged energy restriction and subsequent partial recovery.
Academic Article Musculoskeletal responses to high- and low-intensity resistance training in early postmenopausal women.
Academic Article Effect of continuous passive motion (machine-assisted) exercise as an alternative form of training on physiological profiles of women aged 40-65 years.
Academic Article The effects of creatine and whey protein supplementation on body composition in men aged 48 to 72 years during resistance training.
Academic Article Whole-body vibration augments resistance training effects on body composition in postmenopausal women.
Academic Article The effects of different initial restrictive pressures used to reduce blood flow and thigh composition on tissue oxygenation of the quadriceps.
Academic Article Influence of severe sarcopenia on cardiovascular risk factors in nonobese men.
Academic Article Influence of Body Composition, Oral Contraceptive Use, and Physical Activity on Bone Mineral Density in Premenopausal Women.
Academic Article Age-related patterns in body composition for men aged 20-79 yr.
Academic Article A comparison of organ-tissue level body composition between college-age male athletes and nonathletes.
Academic Article Effects of age on testosterone responses to resistance exercise and musculoskeletal variables in men.
Academic Article Age comparisons of bone density and geometry in men.
Academic Article Interlimb muscle and fat comparisons in persons with lower-limb amputation.
Academic Article Effects of a 6-week periodized squat training with or without whole-body vibration upon short-term adaptations in squat strength and body composition.
Academic Article Leptin, fat mass, and bone mineral density in healthy pre- and postmenopausal women.
Academic Article Comparative Effects of Vigorous-Intensity and Low-Intensity Blood Flow Restricted Cycle Training and Detraining on Muscle Mass, Strength, and Aerobic Capacity.
Academic Article Sex differences in bone density, geometry, and bone strength of competitive soccer players.
Academic Article Creatine supplementation during resistance training in college football athletes.
Academic Article Age-related variability in body composition methods for assessment of percent fat and fat-free mass in men aged 20-74 years.
Academic Article Relationships between body composition, muscular strength, and bone mineral density in estrogen-deficient postmenopausal women.
Academic Article The effects of supplementation with creatine and protein on muscle strength following a traditional resistance training program in middle-aged and older men.
Academic Article Prediction and validation of total and regional fat mass by B-mode ultrasound in Japanese pre-pubertal children.
Academic Article Comparison of age-related, site-specific muscle loss between young and old active and inactive Japanese women.
Academic Article Relationship between lifting performance and skeletal muscle mass in elite powerlifters.
Academic Article Association between bone-specific physical activity scores and pQCT-derived measures of bone strength and geometry in healthy young and middle-aged premenopausal women.
Academic Article Chromium picolinate effects on body composition and muscular performance in wrestlers.
Academic Article Influence of age on isometric, isotonic, and isokinetic force production characteristics in men.
Academic Article Predicting total fat mass from skinfold thicknesses in Japanese prepubertal children: a cross-sectional and longitudinal validation.
Academic Article Comparison of skeletal muscle mass to fat-free mass ratios among different ethnic groups.
Academic Article Appendicular lean mass and site-specific muscle loss in the extremities correlate with dynamic strength.
Academic Article Relationships between central arterial stiffness, lean body mass, and absolute and relative strength in young and older men and women.
Academic Article The High Precision of Functional and Neuromuscular Measures to Classify Sarcopenia in Older Women.
Academic Article Association of Vitamin D Status with Chronic Disease Risk Factors and Cognitive Dysfunction in 50?70 Year Old Adults.
Academic Article The influence of sex, training intensity, and frequency on muscular adaptations to 40 weeks of resistance exercise in older adults.
Academic Article Skeletal Muscle Adaptations Following 80 Weeks of Resistance Exercise in Older Adults.
Academic Article Bone, Biomarker, Body Composition, and Performance Responses to 8 Weeks of Reserve Officers' Training Corps Training.
Academic Article Sex-Specific Associations Between Bone-Loading Score and Adiposity Markers in Middle-Aged and Older Adults.
Academic Article Site-Specific Bone Differences and Energy Status in Male Competitive Runners and Road Cyclists.
Academic Article Body composition does not influence conditioned pain modulation and exercise-induced hyperalgesia in healthy males and females.
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