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Academic Article Blood flow restriction in the upper and lower limbs is predicted by limb circumference and systolic blood pressure.
Academic Article Interlimb muscle and fat comparisons in persons with lower-limb amputation.
Academic Article Predictors of balance in young, middle-aged, and late middle-aged women.
Academic Article Effect of cuff type on arterial occlusion.
Academic Article The effects of elastic band resistance training combined with blood flow restriction on strength, total bone-free lean body mass and muscle thickness in postmenopausal women.
Academic Article Inflammation marker, damage marker and anabolic hormone responses to resistance training with vascular restriction in older males.
Academic Article Lower limb neuromuscular function and blood flow characteristics in AFO-using survivors of stroke.
Academic Article Effect of different types of lower body resistance training on arterial compliance and calf blood flow.
Academic Article The effects of water-based exercise in combination with blood flow restriction on strength and functional capacity in post-menopausal women.
Academic Article Acute bone changes after lower limb amputation resulting from traumatic injury.
Academic Article Relationship between limb and trunk muscle hypertrophy following high-intensity resistance training and blood flow-restricted low-intensity resistance training.
Academic Article Effects of resistance training duration on muscular strength retention 6-month posttraining in older men and women.
Academic Article Exercise intensity and muscle hypertrophy in blood flow-restricted limbs and non-restricted muscles: a brief review.
Academic Article Blood flow restriction does not result in prolonged decrements in torque.
Academic Article Effect of lower limb preference on local muscular and vascular function.
Academic Article Appendicular lean mass and site-specific muscle loss in the extremities correlate with dynamic strength.
Academic Article Brachial blood flow under relative levels of blood flow restriction is decreased in a nonlinear fashion.
Academic Article Countermovement Jump Inter-Limb Asymmetries in Collegiate Basketball Players.
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