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Concept Muscle Fatigue
Academic Article Effects of a 6-week periodized squat training program with or without whole-body vibration on jump height and power output following acute vibration exposure.
Academic Article The effects of fatigue of the plantar flexors on peak torque and voluntary activation in untrained and resistance-trained men.
Academic Article Blood flow restriction: effects of cuff type on fatigue and perceptual responses to resistance exercise.
Academic Article Validation of the NFL-225 test for predicting 1-RM bench press performance in college football players.
Academic Article Effects of 6 weeks of periodized squat training with or without whole-body vibration on short-term adaptations in jump performance within recreationally resistance trained men.
Academic Article Muscular adaptations to fatiguing exercise with and without blood flow restriction.
Academic Article Monitoring External Training Loads and Neuromuscular Performance for Division I Basketball Players over the Preseason.
Academic Article Validity of diagnostic ultrasound as a measure of delayed onset muscle soreness.
Academic Article Neuromuscular fatigue following low-intensity dynamic exercise with externally applied vascular restriction.
Academic Article Longer Concentric Action Increases Muscle Activation and Neuromuscular Fatigue Responses in Protocols Equalized by Repetition Duration.
Academic Article Ipsilateral and contralateral responses following unimanual fatigue with and without illusionary mirror visual feedback.
Academic Article Carbohydrate Mouth Rinsing Does Not Alter Central or Peripheral Fatigue After High-Intensity and Low-Intensity Exercise in Men.
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