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Concept Community Health Services
Concept Public Health
Academic Article Neoliberal and public health effects of failing to adopt OSHA's national secondhand tobacco smoke rule.
Academic Article The "global settlement" with the tobacco industry: 6 years later.
Academic Article Oklahoma tobacco policy-making.
Academic Article Supporting real advances in public health through FDA regulation.
Academic Article A comparison of the impact of U.S. and Canadian cigarette pack warning label requirements on tobacco industry profitability and the public health.
Academic Article FDA legislation.
Academic Article Campaign to counter a deteriorating consumer market: Philip Morris's Project Sunrise.
Academic Article Impact of tobacco industry and other corporations in the defeat of the 1994 Clinton health care plan.
Academic Article Failure to defend a successful state tobacco control program: policy lessons from Florida.
Academic Article Tobacco control and direct democracy in Dade County, Florida: future implications for health advocates.
Academic Article Tobacco industry opposition to designating environmental tobacco smoke through E-codes.
Academic Article Philip Morris' FDA gambit: good for public health?
Academic Article Public policy implications of tobacco industry smuggling through Native American reservations into Canada.
Academic Article Behind the smokescreen: Native American tobacco use in Oklahoma.
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