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Academic Article A Randomized Trial of Iron-Biofortified Pearl Millet in School Children in India.
Academic Article Consumption of Iron-Biofortified Beans Positively Affects Cognitive Performance in 18- to 27-Year-Old Rwandan Female College Students in an 18-Week Randomized Controlled Efficacy Trial.
Academic Article Are biofortified staple food crops improving vitamin A and iron status in women and children? New evidence from efficacy trials.
Academic Article Consumption of a Double-Fortified Salt Affects Perceptual, Attentional, and Mnemonic Functioning in Women in a Randomized Controlled Trial in India.
Academic Article Double-fortified salt is efficacious in improving indicators of iron deficiency in female Indian tea pickers.
Academic Article Consuming Iron Biofortified Beans Increases Iron Status in Rwandan Women after 128 Days in a Randomized Controlled Feeding Trial.
Academic Article Double Fortified Salt Intervention Improved Iron Intake But Not Energy and Other Nutrient Intakes in Female Tea Plantation Workers From West Bengal, India.
Academic Article Cognitive Performance in Indian School-Going Adolescents Is Positively Affected by Consumption of Iron-Biofortified Pearl Millet: A 6-Month Randomized Controlled Efficacy Trial.
Academic Article Changes in Iron Status Are Related to Changes in Brain Activity and Behavior in Rwandan Female University Students: Results from a Randomized Controlled Efficacy Trial Involving Iron-Biofortified Beans.
Academic Article Modeling relationships between iron status, behavior, and brain electrophysiology: evidence from a randomized study involving a biofortified grain in Indian adolescents.
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