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Academic Article Impact of surgeon and hospital volume on outcomes of radical prostatectomy.
Academic Article Determining factors for hospital discharge status after radical cystectomy in a large contemporary cohort.
Academic Article Impact of complications and hospital-free days on health related quality of life 1 year after radical cystectomy.
Academic Article Editorial Comment.
Academic Article Single-center comparison of purely laparoscopic, hand-assisted laparoscopic, and open radical nephrectomy in patients at high anesthetic risk.
Academic Article Association of procedure volume with radical cystectomy outcomes in a nationwide database.
Academic Article Comparison of length of hospital stay between radical retropubic prostatectomy and robotic assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy.
Academic Article Immediate surgical outcomes for radical prostatectomy in the University HealthSystem Consortium Clinical Data Base: the impact of hospital case volume, hospital size and geographical region on 48,000 patients.
Academic Article Utilizing E-coded data for nonfatal injury surveillance in the pediatric emergency department setting: a literature review and recommendations.
Academic Article Causes of increased hospital stay after radical cystectomy in a clinical pathway setting.
Academic Article Radical nephrectomy surgical outcomes in the University HealthSystem Consortium Data Base: Impact of hospital case volume, hospital size, and geographic location on 40,000 patients.
Academic Article Urinary diversion trends at a high volume, single American tertiary care center.
Academic Article Volume outcomes of cystectomy--is it the surgeon or the setting?
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