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Concept Lactation
Academic Article Metabolic regulation in the lactating mammary gland: a lipid synthesizing machine.
Academic Article Prolactin-mediated regulation of lipid biosynthesis genes in vivo in the lactating mammary epithelial cell.
Academic Article Developmental Expression of Claudins in the Mammary Gland.
Academic Article Constitutive expression of microRNA-150 in mammary epithelium suppresses secretory activation and impairs de novo lipogenesis.
Academic Article Functional development of the mammary gland: use of expression profiling and trajectory clustering to reveal changes in gene expression during pregnancy, lactation, and involution.
Academic Article Sterol regulatory element binding protein and dietary lipid regulation of fatty acid synthesis in the mammary epithelium.
Academic Article Early infant adipose deposition is positively associated with the n-6 to n-3 fatty acid ratio in human milk independent of maternal BMI.
Academic Article Liver X receptor-a activation enhances cholesterol secretion in lactating mammary epithelium.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic lipid droplet accumulation in developing mammary epithelial cells: roles of adipophilin and lipid metabolism.
Academic Article Lipid synthesis in lactation: diet and the fatty acid switch.
Academic Article Gene regulatory networks in lactation: identification of global principles using bioinformatics.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone responsive protein Spot14 enhances catalysis of fatty acid synthase in lactating mammary epithelium.
Academic Article Maternal obesity during lactation may protect offspring from high fat diet-induced metabolic dysfunction.
Academic Article Adipocyte hypertrophy and lipid dynamics underlie mammary gland remodeling after lactation.
Academic Article Single Cell RNA Sequencing of Human Milk-Derived Cells Reveals Sub-Populations of Mammary Epithelial Cells with Molecular Signatures of Progenitor and Mature States: a Novel, Non-invasive Framework for Investigating Human Lactation Physiology.
Academic Article Microenvironment of the involuting mammary gland mediates mammary cancer progression.
Academic Article Resolving Human Lactation Heterogeneity Using Single Milk-Derived Cells, a Resource at the Ready.
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