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Concept Animal Communication
Concept Behavior, Animal
Concept Conservation of Natural Resources
Concept Feeding Behavior
Concept Environmental Monitoring
Concept Grooming
Concept Population Dynamics
Concept Predatory Behavior
Concept Sexual Behavior, Animal
Concept Social Behavior
Academic Article Parasite-induced fruit mimicry in a tropical canopy ant.
Academic Article A life history continuum in the males of a Neotropical ant assemblage: refuting the sperm vessel hypothesis.
Academic Article Thermal constraints on foraging of tropical canopy ants.
Academic Article Towards a geography of omnivory: Omnivores increase carnivory when sodium is limiting.
Academic Article Global energy gradients and size in colonial organisms: worker mass and worker number in ant colonies.
Academic Article Evolutionary ecology, antibiosis, and all that rot.
Academic Article Towards a general life-history model of the superorganism: predicting the survival, growth and reproduction of ant societies.
Academic Article Road salt offers insights into the connections between diet and neural development.
Academic Article Bottom-up and top-down regulation of decomposition in a tropical forest.
Academic Article Biogeochemistry and the structure of tropical brown food webs.
Academic Article Metabolism and the rise of fungus cultivation by ants.
Academic Article Army ants in four forests: geographic variation in raid rates and species composition.
Academic Article Predation and patchiness in the tropical litter: do swarm-raiding army ants skim the cream or drain the bottle?
Academic Article A carbohydrate-rich diet increases social immunity in ants.
Academic Article From cryptic herbivore to predator: stable isotopes reveal consistent variability in trophic levels in an ant population.
Academic Article Antibiotics as chemical warfare across multiple taxonomic domains and trophic levels in brown food webs.
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