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Concept Grassland
Academic Article A distributed experiment demonstrates widespread sodium limitation in grassland food webs.
Academic Article The nutritional geography of ants: Gradients of sodium and sugar limitation across North American grasslands.
Academic Article Using metabolic and thermal ecology to predict temperature dependent ecosystem activity: a test with prairie ants.
Academic Article Bottom-up when it is not top-down: Predators and plants control biomass of grassland arthropods.
Academic Article Abiotic factors and plant biomass, not plant diversity, strongly shape grassland arthropods under drought conditions.
Academic Article Nutrient dilution and climate cycles underlie declines in a dominant insect herbivore.
Academic Article Sodium co-limits and catalyzes macronutrients in a prairie food web.
Academic Article Tracking nutrients in space and time: Interactions between grazing lawns and drought drive abundances of tallgrass prairie grasshoppers.
Academic Article Trophic differences regulate grassland food webs: herbivores track food quality and predators select for habitat volume.
Academic Article How and why plant ionomes vary across North American grasslands and its implications for herbivore abundance.
Academic Article Activity density at a continental scale: What drives invertebrate biomass moving across the soil surface?
Academic Article How and why grasshopper community maturation rates are slowing on a North American tall grass prairie.
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