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Academic Article Directed aerial descent in canopy ants.
Academic Article Gliding hexapods and the origins of insect aerial behaviour.
Academic Article Sodium shortage as a constraint on the carbon cycle in an inland tropical rainforest.
Academic Article Canopy and litter ant assemblages share similar climate-species density relationships.
Academic Article Potassium, phosphorus, or nitrogen limit root allocation, tree growth, or litter production in a lowland tropical forest.
Academic Article Nutrient enrichment increased species richness of leaf litter fungal assemblages in a tropical forest.
Academic Article Sodium fertilization increases termites and enhances decomposition in an Amazonian forest.
Academic Article Thermal constraints on foraging of tropical canopy ants.
Academic Article Plant responses to fertilization experiments in lowland, species-rich, tropical forests.
Academic Article Bottom-up and top-down regulation of decomposition in a tropical forest.
Academic Article Multiple nutrients limit litterfall and decomposition in a tropical forest.
Academic Article Biogeochemistry and forest composition shape nesting patterns of a dominant canopy ant.
Academic Article Army ants in four forests: geographic variation in raid rates and species composition.
Academic Article Trees as templates for tropical litter arthropod diversity.
Academic Article Scaling community structure: how bacteria, fungi, and ant taxocenes differentiate along a tropical forest floor.
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