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Academic Article Biomedical term mapping databases.
Academic Article E-mail decay rates among corresponding authors in MEDLINE. The ability to communicate with and request materials from authors is being eroded by the expiration of e-mail addresses.
Academic Article Evolving research trends in bioinformatics.
Academic Article A scalable machine-learning approach to recognize chemical names within large text databases.
Academic Article Clustering microarray-derived gene lists through implicit literature relationships.
Academic Article Medline: the knowledge buried therein, its potential, and cost.
Academic Article Identifying duplicate content using statistically improbable phrases.
Academic Article Trends in the production of scientific data analysis resources.
Academic Article Clinical trial IDs need to be validated prior to publication because hundreds of invalid National Clinical Trial Identifications are regularly entering MEDLINE.
Academic Article Algorithmic identification of discrepancies between published ratios and their reported confidence intervals and P-values.
Academic Article Shared relationship analysis: ranking set cohesion and commonalities within a literature-derived relationship network.
Academic Article Meta-analysis of published transcriptional and translational fold changes reveals a preference for low-fold inductions.
Academic Article URL decay in MEDLINE--a 4-year follow-up study.
Academic Article Knowledge discovery by automated identification and ranking of implicit relationships.
Academic Article 404 not found: the stability and persistence of URLs published in MEDLINE.
Academic Article Melatonin administration does not affect isoproterenol-induced LVH.
Academic Article The write position. A survey of perceived contributions to papers based on byline position and number of authors.
Academic Article Use it or lose it: citations predict the continued online availability of published bioinformatics resources.
Academic Article Examination of CIs in health and medical journals from 1976 to 2019: an observational study.
Academic Article Déjà vu--a study of duplicate citations in Medline.
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