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Concept Single-Cell Analysis
Academic Article Single-Probe Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Metabolites in Single Cells.
Academic Article Single cell metabolomics using mass spectrometry: Techniques and data analysis.
Academic Article Using Dicationic Ion-Pairing Compounds To Enhance the Single Cell Mass Spectrometry Analysis Using the Single-Probe: A Microscale Sampling and Ionization Device.
Academic Article Applications of the Single-probe: Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Single Cell Analysis under Ambient Conditions.
Academic Article Quantification of Drug Molecules in Live Single Cells Using the Single-Probe Mass Spectrometry Technique.
Academic Article Integrated Cell Manipulation Platform Coupled with the Single-probe for Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Drugs and Metabolites in Single Suspension Cells.
Academic Article Towards early monitoring of chemotherapy-induced drug resistance based on single cell metabolomics: Combining single-probe mass spectrometry with machine learning.
Academic Article Towards rapid prediction of drug-resistant cancer cell phenotypes: single cell mass spectrometry combined with machine learning.
Academic Article Integrating a generalized data analysis workflow with the Single-probe mass spectrometry experiment for single cell metabolomics.
Academic Article Combining Mass Spectrometry with Paternò-Büchi Reaction to Determine Double-Bond Positions in Lipids at the Single-Cell Level.
Academic Article The single-probe: a miniaturized multifunctional device for single cell mass spectrometry analysis.
Academic Article T-Probe: An Integrated Microscale Device for Online In Situ Single Cell Analysis and Metabolic Profiling Using Mass Spectrometry.
Academic Article Metabolomic Studies of Live Single Cancer Stem Cells Using Mass Spectrometry.
Academic Article Mass Spectrometry Measurement of Single Suspended Cells Using a Combined Cell Manipulation System and a Single-Probe Device.
Academic Article Redesigning the T-probe for mass spectrometry analysis of online lysis of non-adherent single cells.
Grant From Single Cells to Tissues: a Novel Mass Spectrometry Approach for Bioanalysis
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