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Concept Immunoblotting
Academic Article Western blotting.
Academic Article Affinity immunoblotting for analysis of antibody clonotype distribution in a lupus patient developing anti-Ro 60 over time.
Academic Article A miniaturized blotting system for simultaneous detecting of different autoantibodies.
Academic Article Strip immunoblotting of multiple antigenic peptides to nitrocellulose membrane.
Academic Article Affinity purification of autoantibodies from an antigen strip excised from a nitrocellulose protein blot.
Academic Article Multiple Immunoblots by Passive Diffusion of Proteins from a Single SDS-PAGE Gel.
Academic Article Analysis of antibody clonotype by affinity immunoblotting.
Academic Article Membrane strip affinity purification of autoantibodies.
Academic Article Validating Antibody Specificities for Immunohistochemistry by Protein Blotting Methods.
Academic Article Immunization with vesicular stomatitis virus nucleocapsid protein induces autoantibodies to the 60 kD Ro ribonucleoprotein particle.
Academic Article Modification of lupus-associated 60-kDa Ro protein with the lipid oxidation product 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal increases antigenicity and facilitates epitope spreading.
Academic Article Detection of autoantibodies to tumour-associated antigens in sera of patients with systemic autoimmunity using a novel protein microblot array.
Academic Article Strip immunoblotting of multiple antigenic peptides.
Academic Article SDS-PAGE to Immunoblot in One Hour.
Academic Article Other notable protein blotting methods: a brief review.
Academic Article Isoelectric Focusing on Non-Denaturing Flatbed Gels.
Academic Article Anti-centromere autoantibody in a patient evolving from a lupus/Sjögren's overlap to the CREST variant of scleroderma.
Academic Article Immunoblotting of multiple antigenic peptides.
Academic Article Other Notable Methods of Membrane Protein Detection: A Brief Review.
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