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Academic Article Genome Sequence of Thermoanaerobaculum aquaticum MP-01T, the First Cultivated Member of Acidobacteria Subdivision 23, Isolated from a Hot Spring.
Academic Article Draft Genome Sequence of Picocystis sp. Strain ML, Cultivated from Mono Lake, California.
Academic Article Genomic and metabolomic insights into the natural product biosynthetic diversity of a feral-hog-associated Brevibacillus laterosporus strain.
Academic Article Unique amalgamation of primary and secondary structural elements transform peptaibols into potent bioactive cell-penetrating peptides.
Academic Article Finished Genome Sequence of a Polyurethane-Degrading Pseudomonas Isolate.
Academic Article Genome Sequence of a Byssochlamys sp. Strain Isolated from Fouled B20 Biodiesel.
Academic Article Draft Genome Sequence of Filamentous Fungus Phialemoniopsis curvata, Isolated from Diesel Fuel.
Academic Article Sequencing of multiple clostridial genomes related to biomass conversion and biofuel production.
Academic Article Draft genome of a novel chlorobi member assembled by tetranucleotide binning of a hot spring metagenome.
Academic Article Draft genomes of two sordariomycete fungi that produce novel secondary metabolites.
Academic Article It's Complicated: Rapid Publication of Genomes in Microbiology Resource Announcements Can Be Both Part of the Problem and the Solution to Fungal Taxonomic Resolution.
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