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Concept Adolescent Behavior
Academic Article Change trajectories during home-based services with chronic child welfare cases.
Academic Article Sustaining Treatment for Youth with Problematic Sexual Behavior: Administrator and Stakeholder Perspectives Following Implementation.
Academic Article Meta-analysis of treatment for child sexual behavior problems: practice elements and outcomes.
Academic Article Economic value of community-based services for problematic sexual behaviors in youth: A mixed-method cost-effectiveness analysis.
Academic Article Temporal concordance of anxiety disorders and child sexual abuse: implications for direct versus artifactual effects of sexual abuse.
Academic Article Randomized trial of treatment for children with sexual behavior problems: ten-year follow-up.
Academic Article Introduction to special issue on children with sexual behavior problems.
Academic Article Childhood Injury Prevention: Predictors of Home Hazards in Latino Families Enrolled in SafeCareĀ®.
Academic Article Early identification of youth with problematic sexual behavior: A qualitative study.
Academic Article Mixed-methods feasibility study on the cultural adaptation of a child abuse prevention model.
Academic Article A qualitative study of cultural congruency of Legacy for Childrenā„¢ for Spanish-speaking mothers.
Academic Article A qualitative investigation of policy for youth with problematic sexual behavior.
Academic Article Qualitative Analysis of Administrator, Provider, and Stakeholder Views on the Costs and Benefits of a Treatment for Problematic Sexual Behavior of Youth.
Academic Article Barriers to Accessing Treatment Services: Child Victims of Youths with Problematic Sexual Behavior.
Academic Article Comparison of children's advocacy center responses to harmful sexual behavior among siblings: An international perspective.
Academic Article Coordination of sustainable financing for evidence-based youth mental health treatments: protocol for development and evaluation of the fiscal mapping process.
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