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Concept Genetic Predisposition to Disease
Academic Article Multi-analytic approach elucidates significant role of hormonal and hepatocanalicular transporter genetic variants in gallstone disease in North Indian population.
Academic Article DCC (deleted in colorectal carcinoma) gene variants confer increased susceptibility to gallbladder cancer (Ref. No.: Gene-D-12-01446).
Academic Article Association of adrenergic receptor gene polymorphisms in gallbladder cancer susceptibility in a North Indian population.
Academic Article Death receptor (DR4) haplotypes are associated with increased susceptibility of gallbladder carcinoma in north Indian population.
Academic Article MicroRNA aberrations: An emerging field for gallbladder cancer management.
Academic Article CYP17 polymorphism (rs743572) is associated with increased risk of gallbladder cancer in tobacco users.
Academic Article PSCA gene variants (rs2294008 and rs2978974) confer increased susceptibility of gallbladder carcinoma in females.
Academic Article A multigenic approach to evaluate genetic variants of PLCE1, LXRs, MMPs, TIMP, and CYP genes in gallbladder cancer predisposition.
Academic Article A Multiple Interaction Analysis Reveals ADRB3 as a Potential Candidate for Gallbladder Cancer Predisposition via a Complex Interaction with Other Candidate Gene Variations.
Academic Article Quantitative assessment of CD44 genetic variants and cancer susceptibility in Asians: a meta-analysis.
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