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Academic Article Identification of multiple SRF N-terminal phosphorylation sites affecting DNA binding properties.
Academic Article Characterization of a putative transcription factor gene expressed in the 20-OH-ecdysone inducible puff 74EF in Drosophila melanogaster.
Academic Article SAP1a is a nuclear target of signaling cascades involving ERKs.
Academic Article High affinity DNA binding of native full length c-Myb and differential proteolytic sensitivity of its N- and C-terminal domains.
Academic Article Quantitative structure-activity analysis correlating Ras/Raf interaction in vitro to Raf activation in vivo.
Academic Article Cloning of the murine ER71 gene (Etsrp71) and initial characterization of its promoter.
Academic Article Repression of transcription by TSGA/Jmjd1a, a novel interaction partner of the ETS protein ER71.
Academic Article ETV1, 4 and 5: an oncogenic subfamily of ETS transcription factors.
Academic Article Elk-1 protein domains required for direct and SRF-assisted DNA-binding.
Academic Article (HX)n repeats: a pH-controlled protein-protein interaction motif of eukaryotic transcription factors?
Academic Article Co-occurrence of CArG boxes and TCF sites within viral genomes.
Academic Article Transcriptional repression mediated by the serum response factor.
Academic Article Ras/Rap effector specificity determined by charge reversal.
Academic Article Rapid and efficient purification of native histidine-tagged protein expressed by recombinant vaccinia virus.
Academic Article HER2/Neu-mediated activation of the ETS transcription factor ER81 and its target gene MMP-1.
Academic Article Distinct biochemical and functional properties of two Rab5 homologs from the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae.
Academic Article Functional dissection of the transcription factor Elk-1.
Academic Article Gene regulation by Ets proteins.
Academic Article C-terminal phosphorylation of the serum-response factor.
Academic Article p38-2, a novel mitogen-activated protein kinase with distinct properties.
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