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Concept Phosphorylation
Academic Article Nuclear fusion of signaling pathways.
Academic Article The versatile functions of the transcriptional coactivators p300 and CBP and their roles in disease.
Academic Article Regulation of the ER81 transcription factor and its coactivators by mitogen- and stress-activated protein kinase 1 (MSK1).
Academic Article Overexpression of the TGF-beta antagonist Smad7 in endometrial cancer.
Academic Article Identification of multiple SRF N-terminal phosphorylation sites affecting DNA binding properties.
Academic Article SAP1a is a nuclear target of signaling cascades involving ERKs.
Academic Article Regulation of the c-fos promoter by the ternary complex factor Sap-1a and its coactivator CBP.
Academic Article Interaction of the co-activator CBP with Myb proteins: effects on Myb-specific transactivation and on the cooperativity with NF-M.
Academic Article Analysis of the ERK-stimulated ETS transcription factor ER81.
Academic Article Regulation of Her2/neu promoter activity by the ETS transcription factor, ER81.
Academic Article TGFbeta inducible early gene enhances TGFbeta/Smad-dependent transcriptional responses.
Academic Article Phosphorylated c-Jun and Fra-1 induce matrix metalloproteinase-1 and thereby regulate invasion activity of 143B osteosarcoma cells.
Academic Article Transcriptional repression mediated by the serum response factor.
Academic Article Versatile molecular glue. Transcriptional control.
Academic Article The ETS-related transcription factor ERM is a nuclear target of signaling cascades involving MAPK and PKA.
Academic Article The kit receptor promotes cell survival via activation of PI 3-kinase and subsequent Akt-mediated phosphorylation of Bad on Ser136.
Academic Article TGF-beta-stimulated cooperation of smad proteins with the coactivators CBP/p300.
Academic Article CBP/p300 interact with and function as transcriptional coactivators of BRCA1.
Academic Article Activation of Smad1-mediated transcription by p300/CBP.
Academic Article Cell type-specific inhibition of the ETS transcription factor ER81 by mitogen-activated protein kinase-activated protein kinase 2.
Academic Article HER2/Neu-mediated activation of the ETS transcription factor ER81 and its target gene MMP-1.
Academic Article Regulation of the ETS transcription factor ER81 by the 90-kDa ribosomal S6 kinase 1 and protein kinase A.
Academic Article Acetylation-mediated transcriptional activation of the ETS protein ER81 by p300, P/CAF, and HER2/Neu.
Academic Article 14-3-3 proteins modulate the ETS transcription factor ETV1 in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Activation of ternary complex factor Elk-1 by MAP kinases.
Academic Article Activation of the Sap-1a transcription factor by the c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) mitogen-activated protein kinase.
Academic Article Convergence of MAP kinase pathways on the ternary complex factor Sap-1a.
Academic Article Phosphorylation of ETS transcription factor ER81 in a complex with its coactivators CREB-binding protein and p300.
Academic Article Regulation of telomerase reverse transcriptase gene activity by upstream stimulatory factor.
Academic Article JMJD5 couples with CDK9 to release the paused RNA polymerase II.
Academic Article C-terminal phosphorylation of the serum-response factor.
Academic Article p38-2, a novel mitogen-activated protein kinase with distinct properties.
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