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Academic Article Designing a handwashing station for infrastructure-restricted communities in Bangladesh using the integrated behavioural model for water, sanitation and hygiene interventions (IBM-WASH).
Academic Article Behavioral attitudes and preferences in cooking practices with traditional open-fire stoves in Peru, Nepal, and Kenya: implications for improved cookstove interventions.
Academic Article Behavior Change without Behavior Change Communication: Nudging Handwashing among Primary School Students in Bangladesh.
Academic Article Oral Contact Events and Caregiver Hand Hygiene: Implications for Fecal-Oral Exposure to Enteric Pathogens among Infants 3-9 Months Living in Informal, Peri-Urban Communities in Kisumu, Kenya.
Academic Article Collective Efficacy: Development and Validation of a Measurement Scale for Use in Public Health and Development Programmes.
Academic Article Realities and experiences of community health volunteers as agents for behaviour change: evidence from an informal urban settlement in Kisumu, Kenya.
Academic Article Women's sanitation practices in informal settlements: A multi-level analysis of factors influencing utilisation in Nairobi, Kenya.
Academic Article Shared Sanitation Management and the Role of Social Capital: Findings from an Urban Sanitation Intervention in Maputo, Mozambique.
Academic Article Enteric Pathogen Diversity in Infant Foods in Low-Income Neighborhoods of Kisumu, Kenya.
Academic Article The Integrated Behavioural Model for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene: a systematic review of behavioural models and a framework for designing and evaluating behaviour change interventions in infrastructure-restricted settings.
Academic Article Beyond the Millennium Development Goals: public health challenges in water and sanitation.
Academic Article The impact of school water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions on the health of younger siblings of pupils: a cluster-randomized trial in Kenya.
Academic Article Sanitation-related psychosocial stress: A grounded theory study of women across the life-course in Odisha, India.
Academic Article Evaluation of Membrane Ultrafiltration and Residual Chlorination as a Decentralized Water Treatment Strategy for Ten Rural Healthcare Facilities in Rwanda.
Academic Article Sustained adoption of water, sanitation and hygiene interventions: systematic review.
Academic Article Hygiene During Childbirth: An Observational Study to Understand Infection Risk in Healthcare Facilities in Kogi and Ebonyi States, Nigeria.
Academic Article The impact of an operation and management intervention on toilet usability in schools in the Philippines: a cluster randomised controlled trial.
Academic Article Impact of a school-based water, sanitation and hygiene programme on children's independent handwashing and toothbrushing habits: a cluster-randomised trial.
Academic Article Governance and functionality of community water schemes in rural Ethiopia.
Academic Article Small Water Enterprise in Rural Rwanda: Business Development and Year-One Performance Evaluation of Nine Water Kiosks at Health Care Facilities.
Academic Article The Safe Start trial to assess the effect of an infant hygiene intervention on enteric infections and diarrhoea in low-income informal neighbourhoods of Kisumu, Kenya: a study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Determinants of clean birthing practices in low- and middle-income countries: a scoping review.
Academic Article How to set up government-led national hygiene communication campaigns to combat COVID-19: a strategic blueprint.
Academic Article Hand Hygiene during the Early Neonatal Period: A Mixed-Methods Observational Study in Healthcare Facilities and Households in Rural Cambodia.
Academic Article Using path analysis to test theory of change: a quantitative process evaluation of the MapSan trial.
Academic Article Measuring and valuing broader impacts in public health: Development of a sanitation-related quality of life instrument in Maputo, Mozambique.
Academic Article Urban Water Access and Use in the Kivus: Evaluating Behavioural Outcomes Following an Integrated WASH Intervention in Goma and Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo.
Academic Article A Mixed Methods Process Evaluation of a Food Hygiene Intervention in Low-Income Informal Neighbourhoods of Kisumu, Kenya.
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