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Concept Cochlea
Academic Article Predictions of middle-ear and passive cochlear mechanics using a finite element model of the pediatric ear.
Academic Article 3D Finite Element Modeling of Blast Wave Transmission from the External Ear to Cochlea.
Academic Article Laser interferometry measurements of middle ear fluid and pressure effects on sound transmission.
Academic Article Finite-element analysis of middle-ear pressure effects on static and dynamic behavior of human ear.
Academic Article Modeling of sound transmission from ear canal to cochlea.
Academic Article Change in cochlear response in an animal model of otitis media with effusion.
Academic Article Dynamic properties of human round window membrane in auditory frequencies running head: dynamic properties of round window membrane.
Academic Article Investigating the Geometry and Mechanical Properties of Human Round Window Membranes Using Micro-Fringe Projection.
Grant Ear Biomechanics for Restoration of Hearing
Academic Article Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of Blast Wave Transmission From the External Ear to a Spiral Cochlea.
Academic Article A comprehensive finite element model for studying Cochlear-Vestibular interaction.
Academic Article 3D Finite Element Model of Human Ear with 3-Chamber Spiral Cochlea for Blast Wave Transmission from the Ear Canal to Cochlea.
Academic Article Real-time measurement of stapes motion and intracochlear pressure during blast exposure.
Academic Article Hearing protection and damage mitigation in Chinchillas exposed to repeated low-intensity blasts.
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