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Concept Sound
Concept Sound Spectrography
Academic Article Human middle ear transfer function measured by double laser interferometry system.
Academic Article Three-dimensional finite element modeling of human ear for sound transmission.
Academic Article Acoustic-structural coupled finite element analysis for sound transmission in human ear--pressure distributions.
Academic Article Multifield coupled finite element analysis for sound transmission in otitis media with effusion.
Academic Article Predictions of middle-ear and passive cochlear mechanics using a finite element model of the pediatric ear.
Academic Article Biomechanical Changes of Tympanic Membrane to Blast Waves.
Academic Article Lumped parametric model of the human ear for sound transmission.
Academic Article Laser interferometry measurements of middle ear fluid and pressure effects on sound transmission.
Academic Article Finite-element analysis of middle-ear pressure effects on static and dynamic behavior of human ear.
Academic Article Dynamic Properties of Human Tympanic Membrane After Exposure to Blast Waves.
Academic Article Mechanical properties of the Papio anubis tympanic membrane: Change significantly from infancy to adulthood.
Academic Article Modeling of sound transmission from ear canal to cochlea.
Academic Article Finite element modeling of sound transmission with perforations of tympanic membrane.
Academic Article Computational Modeling of Blast Wave Transmission Through Human Ear.
Academic Article Effect of middle ear fluid on sound transmission and auditory brainstem response in guinea pigs.
Academic Article Dynamic properties of human round window membrane in auditory frequencies running head: dynamic properties of round window membrane.
Academic Article Factors affecting sound energy absorbance in acute otitis media model of chinchilla.
Academic Article Dual-laser measurement and finite element modeling of human tympanic membrane motion under blast exposure.
Academic Article Implantable hearing device performance measured by laser Doppler interferometry.
Grant Biomechanical Measurement and Modeling of Normal and Diseased Middle Ears
Grant Ear Biomechanics for Restoration of Hearing
Academic Article Real-time measurement of stapes motion and intracochlear pressure during blast exposure.
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