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Concept Nervous System
Concept Nervous System Physiological Phenomena
Concept Parasympathetic Nervous System
Concept Sympathetic Nervous System
Concept Autonomic Nervous System
Concept Autonomic Nervous System Diseases
Concept Central Nervous System
Academic Article Mechanisms of cardiac pain.
Academic Article Long-term modulation of the intrinsic cardiac nervous system by spinal cord neurons in normal and ischaemic hearts.
Academic Article Prediction of unexpected sudden death among healthy dogs by a novel marker of autonomic neural activity.
Academic Article Electroacupuncture via chronically implanted electrodes improves gastric dysmotility mediated by autonomic-cholinergic mechanisms in a rodent model of functional dyspepsia.
Academic Article Effects of electroacupuncture on stress-induced gastric dysrhythmia and mechanisms involving autonomic and central nervous systems in functional dyspepsia.
Academic Article Fiber analysis of the feline inferior cardiac sympathetic nerve.
Academic Article Segmental organization of visceral and somatic input onto C3-T6 spinothalamic tract cells of the monkey.
Academic Article Fastigial nucleus projections to the brain stem in beagles: pathways for autonomic regulation.
Academic Article Do increases in markers of vagal activity imply protection from sudden death? The case of scopolamine.
Academic Article K+ channel blockade in the prevention of ventricular fibrillation in dogs with acute ischemia and enhanced sympathetic activity.
Academic Article Cardiopulmonary sympathetic afferent input does not require dorsal column pathways to excite C1-C3 spinal cells in rats.
Academic Article Low intensity spinal cord stimulation may induce cutaneous vasodilation via CGRP release.
Academic Article Comparison of changes in heart rate variability and sacral skin perfusion in response to postural changes in people with spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Chronic Electrical Stimulation at Acupoints Reduces Body Weight and Improves Blood Glucose in Obese Rats via Autonomic Pathway.
Academic Article Cardiac sympathectomy and spinal cord stimulation attenuate reflex-mediated norepinephrine release during ischemia preventing ventricular fibrillation.
Academic Article Heart rate--QT relationships during baroreceptor stimulation with diminished autonomic influence on the ventricles. Ventricular autonomic tone and QT interval.
Academic Article Evidence that C1 and C2 propriospinal neurons mediate the inhibitory effects of viscerosomatic spinal afferent input on primate spinothalamic tract neurons.
Academic Article Effects of stimulating the subcoeruleus-parabrachial region on the non-noxious and noxious responses of T1-T5 spinothalamic tract neurons in the primate.
Academic Article Autonomic mechanisms and sudden death. New insights from analysis of baroreceptor reflexes in conscious dogs with and without a myocardial infarction.
Academic Article Effects of coronary artery occlusion on thoracic spinal neurons receiving viscerosomatic inputs.
Academic Article Cardiovascular and T2-T4 dorsal horn cell responses to gallbladder distention in the cat.
Academic Article Vagal afferent inhibition of spinothalamic cell responses to sympathetic afferents and bradykinin in the monkey.
Academic Article Inhibition and excitation of thoracic spinoreticular neurons by electrical stimulation of vagal afferent nerves.
Academic Article Responses of T2-T4 spinal neurons to stimulation of the greater splanchnic nerves of the cat.
Academic Article Greater splanchnic excitation of primate T1-T5 spinothalamic neurons.
Academic Article Unexpected interaction between beta-adrenergic blockade and heart rate variability before and after myocardial infarction. A longitudinal study in dogs at high and low risk for sudden death.
Academic Article Cardiopulmonary sympathetic input excites primate cuneothalamic neurons: comparison with spinothalamic tract neurons.
Academic Article Effects of abdominal or cardiopulmonary sympathetic afferents on upper cervical inspiratory neurons.
Academic Article Convergent pathways for cardiac- and esophageal-somatic motor reflexes in rats.
Academic Article Sympathetic-parasympathetic interaction and accentuated antagonism in conscious dogs.
Academic Article Central organization of sympathetic cardiovascular response to pain.
Academic Article Reevaluation of the Role of the Sympathetic Nervous System in Cutaneous Vasodilation during Dorsal Spinal Cord Stimulation: Are Multiple Mechanisms Active?
Academic Article The appropriate use of neurostimulation of the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system for the treatment of chronic pain and ischemic diseases: the Neuromodulation Appropriateness Consensus Committee.
Academic Article Effects of cardiac administration of bradykinin on thoracic spinal neurons in the cat.
Academic Article Characteristics of primate spinothalamic tract neurons receiving viscerosomatic convergent inputs in T3-T5 segments.
Academic Article Neural control of the heart during arrhythmias and exercise.
Academic Article Sacral nerve stimulation with appropriate parameters improves constipation in rats by enhancing colon motility mediated via the autonomic-cholinergic mechanisms.
Academic Article Intrapericardiac injections of algogenic chemicals excite primate C1-C2 spinothalamic tract neurons.
Academic Article Modulation of intrinsic cardiac neurons by spinal cord stimulation: implications for its therapeutic use in angina pectoris.
Academic Article Afferent pathways for cardiac-somatic motor reflexes in rats.
Academic Article Putative mechanisms behind effects of spinal cord stimulation on vascular diseases: a review of experimental studies.
Academic Article Characterization of upper thoracic spinal neurons receiving noxious cardiac and/or somatic inputs in diabetic rats.
Academic Article Hyperglycemia-induced small intestinal dysrhythmias attributed to sympathovagal imbalance in normal and diabetic rats.
Academic Article Translational neurocardiology: preclinical models and cardioneural integrative aspects.
Academic Article Autonomically mediated anti-inflammatory effects of electrical stimulation at acupoints in a rodent model of colonic inflammation.
Academic Article Categories of axons in the inferior cardiac nerve of the cat.
Academic Article Effect of dorsal root section on the arrhythmias associated with coronary occlusion.
Academic Article Conduction in descending spinal pathways initiated by somatosympathetic reflexes.
Academic Article Urinary bladder and hindlimb stimuli inhibit T1-T6 spinal and spinoreticular cells.
Academic Article Neural mechanisms of cardiac pain.
Academic Article Raphe magnus inhibition of feline T1-T4 spinoreticular tract cell responses to visceral and somatic inputs.
Academic Article T2-T5 spinothalamic neurons projecting to medial thalamus with viscerosomatic input.
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