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Concept Neural Inhibition
Academic Article Spinal inhibitory effects of cardiopulmonary afferent inputs in monkeys: neuronal processing in high cervical segments.
Academic Article Responses and afferent pathways of C(1)-C(2) spinal neurons to gastric distension in rats.
Academic Article Cardiopulmonary sympathetic and vagal afferents excite C1-C2 propriospinal cells in rats.
Academic Article Modulatory effects and afferent pathways of gastric electrical stimulation on rat thoracic spinal neurons receiving input from the stomach.
Academic Article Vagal afferent fibers excite upper cervical neurons and inhibit activity of lumbar spinal cord neurons in the rat.
Academic Article Urinary bladder and hindlimb afferent input inhibits activity of primate T2-T5 spinothalamic tract neurons.
Academic Article Effects of chemical and electrical stimulation of the midbrain on feline T2-T6 spinoreticular and spinal cell activity evoked by cardiopulmonary afferent input.
Academic Article Effects of urinary bladder distension on activity of T3-T4 spinal neurons receiving cardiac and somatic noxious inputs in rats.
Academic Article Is constant current or constant voltage spinal cord stimulation superior for the suppression of nociceptive visceral and somatic stimuli? A rat model.
Academic Article Effects of stimulating the subcoeruleus-parabrachial region on the non-noxious and noxious responses of T1-T5 spinothalamic tract neurons in the primate.
Academic Article Raphe magnus inhibition of primate T1-T4 spinothalamic cells with cardiopulmonary visceral input.
Academic Article Vagal afferent inhibition of spinothalamic cell responses to sympathetic afferents and bradykinin in the monkey.
Academic Article Inhibition and excitation of thoracic spinoreticular neurons by electrical stimulation of vagal afferent nerves.
Academic Article Vagal afferent inhibition of primate thoracic spinothalamic neurons.
Academic Article Responses of T2-T4 spinal neurons to stimulation of the greater splanchnic nerves of the cat.
Academic Article Thoracic visceral inputs use upper cervical segments to inhibit lumbar spinal neurons in rats.
Academic Article Phrenic nerve inputs to upper cervical (C1-C3) spinothalamic tract neurons in monkeys.
Academic Article Differential effects of urinary bladder distension on high cervical projection neurons in primates.
Academic Article Descending modulation of thoracic visceroreceptive transmission by C1-C2 spinal neurons.
Academic Article Spinal cord stimulation modulates intraspinal colorectal visceroreceptive transmission in rats.
Academic Article Neuromodulation of thoracic intraspinal visceroreceptive transmission by electrical stimulation of spinal dorsal column and somatic afferents in rats.
Academic Article Modulation of neuronal activity in dorsal column nuclei by upper cervical spinal cord stimulation in rats.
Academic Article Responses of spinothalamic tract cells in the thoracic spinal cord of the monkey to cutaneous and visceral inputs.
Academic Article Descending inhibition of spinal neurons in the cardiopulmonary region by electrical stimulation of vagal afferent nerves.
Academic Article Intestinal electric stimulation modulates neuronal activity in the nucleus of the solitary tract in rats.
Academic Article Afferent pathway and neuromodulation of superficial and deeper thoracic spinal neurons receiving noxious pulmonary inputs in rats.
Academic Article Convergence of muscle and cutaneous input onto primate spinothalamic tract neurons.
Academic Article Effects of dorsal column stimulation on primate spinothalamic tract neurons.
Academic Article Periventricular gray inhibition of thoracic spinothalamic cells projecting to medial and lateral thalamus.
Academic Article Inhibition of cardiopulmonary input to thoracic spinothalamic tract cells by stimulation of the subcoeruleus-parabrachial region in the primate.
Academic Article Raphe magnus inhibition of feline T1-T4 spinoreticular tract cell responses to visceral and somatic inputs.
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