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Academic Article Spinal integration of antidromic mediated cutaneous vasodilation during dorsal spinal cord stimulation in the rat.
Academic Article Roles of peripheral terminals of transient receptor potential vanilloid-1 containing sensory fibers in spinal cord stimulation-induced peripheral vasodilation.
Academic Article Effect of wheelchair tilt-in-space and recline angles on skin perfusion over the ischial tuberosity in people with spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Convergence of visceral and cutaneous input onto spinothalamic tract cells in the thoracic spinal cord of the cat.
Academic Article Low intensity spinal cord stimulation may induce cutaneous vasodilation via CGRP release.
Academic Article Responses and afferent pathways of C1-C2 spinal neurons to cervical and thoracic esophageal stimulation in rats.
Academic Article Wavelet analysis of sacral skin blood flow oscillations to assess soft tissue viability in older adults.
Academic Article Effects of spinal cord stimulation with "standard clinical" and higher frequencies on peripheral blood flow in rats.
Academic Article Skin blood flow response to locally applied mechanical and thermal stresses in the diabetic foot.
Academic Article Comparison of changes in heart rate variability and sacral skin perfusion in response to postural changes in people with spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Effects of coronary artery occlusion on thoracic spinal neurons receiving viscerosomatic inputs.
Academic Article Viscerosomatic convergence onto T2-T4 spinoreticular, spinoreticular-spinothalamic, and spinothalamic tract neurons in the cat.
Academic Article Mechanisms of sustained cutaneous vasodilation induced by spinal cord stimulation.
Academic Article Sensory fibers containing vanilloid receptor-1 (VR-1) mediate spinal cord stimulation-induced vasodilation.
Academic Article Responses of spinothalamic tract cells in the thoracic spinal cord of the monkey to cutaneous and visceral inputs.
Academic Article Convergence of cutaneous and pelvic visceral nociceptive inputs onto primate spinothalamic neurons.
Academic Article Role of nitric oxide in cutaneous blood flow increases in the rat hindpaw during dorsal column stimulation.
Academic Article Cutaneous vasodilation during dorsal column stimulation is mediated by dorsal roots and CGRP.
Academic Article Gastrocardiac afferent convergence in upper thoracic spinal neurons: a central mechanism of postprandial angina pectoris.
Academic Article Local cooling reduces skin ischemia under surface pressure in rats: an assessment by wavelet analysis of laser Doppler blood flow oscillations.
Academic Article Spinal cord potentials evoked by cutaneous afferents in the monkey.
Academic Article Convergence of muscle and cutaneous input onto primate spinothalamic tract neurons.
Academic Article Fastigial nucleus modulation of medullary parasolitary neurons.
Academic Article T2-T5 spinothalamic neurons projecting to medial thalamus with viscerosomatic input.
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