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Academic Article In vitro effects of recombinant activated factor VII on thrombin generation and coagulation following inhibition of platelet procoagulant activity by prasugrel.
Academic Article Coagulation Management During Liver Transplantation: Use of Fibrinogen Concentrate, Recombinant Activated Factor VII, Prothrombin Complex Concentrate, and Antifibrinolytics.
Academic Article Effects of prothrombin complex concentrate and recombinant activated factor VII on vitamin K antagonist induced anticoagulation.
Academic Article Impact on postoperative bleeding and cost of recombinant activated factor VII in patients undergoing heart transplantation.
Academic Article Improved clot formation by combined administration of activated factor VII (NovoSeven) and fibrinogen (Haemocomplettan P).
Academic Article Warfarin reversal with prothrombin complex concentrate confers better antifibrinolytic activity compared with recombinant activated factor VII.
Academic Article Argatroban "reversal" is caused by nonphysiologic stimulation of coagulation, not activated factor VII.
Academic Article Antithrombin affects hemostatic response to recombinant activated factor VII in factor VIII deficient plasma.
Academic Article Prohemostatic Activity of Factor X in Combination With Activated Factor VII in Dilutional Coagulopathy.
Academic Article Andexanet?alfa or prothrombin complex concentrate for acute reversal of oral factor Xa inhibitors: monitoring of antidote effects.
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