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Academic Article Spondylolysis of C-2 in children 3 years of age or younger: clinical presentation, radiographic findings, management, and outcomes with a minimum 12-month follow-up.
Academic Article Cervicothoracic nonterminal myelocystocele with mature teratoma.
Academic Article Fixation with C-2 laminar screws in occipitocervical or C1-2 constructs in children 5 years of age or younger: a series of 18 patients.
Academic Article Interhospital transfer of pediatric neurosurgical patients.
Academic Article Anterior correction of cervical spine lordosis using an adjustable depth tap: technical note.
Academic Article Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma during pregnancy: case report and literature review.
Academic Article Surgical outcome for focal cortical dysplasia: an analysis of recent surgical series.
Academic Article The perception of complications in pediatric spine surgery: a comparative survey of surgeons, caregivers and patients.
Academic Article Treatment Practices and Outcomes After Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury in Children.
Academic Article Moyamoya syndrome associated with Down syndrome: outcome after surgical revascularization.
Academic Article Surgical treatment of congenital thoracolumbar spondyloptosis in a 2-year-old child with vertebral column resection and posterior-only circumferential reconstruction of the spine column: case report.
Academic Article Treatment of pediatric Grade II spinal ependymomas: a population-based study.
Academic Article The feasibility and safety of using sublaminar polyester bands in hybrid spinal constructs in children and transitional adults for neuromuscular scoliosis.
Academic Article The use of spinal angiography in the management of posterior mediastinal tumors: case series and review of the literature.
Academic Article The efficacy of routine use of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 in occipitocervical and atlantoaxial fusions of the pediatric spine: a minimum of 12 months' follow-up with computed tomography.
Academic Article Spinal column shortening for tethered cord syndrome associated with myelomeningocele, lumbosacral lipoma, and lipomyelomeningocele in children and young adults.
Academic Article Open reduction and internal fixation for angulated, unstable odontoid synchondrosis fractures in children: a safe alternative to halo fixation?
Academic Article Long-term growth and alignment after occipitocervical and atlantoaxial fusion with rigid internal fixation in young children.
Academic Article Development of best practices to minimize wound complications after complex tethered spinal cord surgery: a modified Delphi study.
Academic Article Transsacral transdiscal L5-S1 screws for the management of high-grade spondylolisthesis in an adolescent.
Academic Article Analysis of the risk of shunt failure or infection related to cerebrospinal fluid cell count, protein level, and glucose levels in low-birth-weight premature infants with posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus.
Academic Article Comparison of anticoagulation and antiplatelet therapy for treatment of blunt cerebrovascular injury in children <10 years of age: a multicenter retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Left thorascopic sympathectomy for refractory long QT syndrome in children.
Academic Article Growth and alignment of the pediatric subaxial cervical spine following rigid instrumentation and fusion: a multicenter study of the Pediatric Craniocervical Society.
Academic Article Computed tomography morphometric analysis for axial and subaxial translaminar screw placement in the pediatric cervical spine.
Academic Article Use of axial and subaxial translaminar screw fixation in the management of upper cervical spinal instability in a series of 7 children.
Academic Article Thirty-day outcomes after postnatal myelomeningocele repair: a National Surgical Quality Improvement Program Pediatric database analysis.
Academic Article Single-Event Multilevel Surgery: Contender or Pretender.
Academic Article Decompressive hemicraniectomy in pediatric patients with malignant middle cerebral artery infarction: case series and review of the literature.
Academic Article Paraspinal arteriovenous malformations in children.
Academic Article Rh-BMP-2 for L5-S1 arthrodesis in long fusions to the pelvis for neuromuscular spinal deformity in the pediatric age group: analysis of 11 patients.
Academic Article Iliac screw placement in neuromuscular scoliosis using anatomical landmarks and uniplanar anteroposterior fluoroscopic imaging with postoperative CT confirmation.
Academic Article Modification of Wright's technique for placement of bilateral crossing C2 translaminar screws: technical note.
Academic Article Neurogenic claudication associated with posterior vertebral rim fractures in children.
Academic Article Video-assisted thorascopic repair of a subarachnoid-pleural fistula in a child after thoracic tumor resection: technical note.
Academic Article Clinical outcomes of the surgical treatment of isolated unilateral facet fractures, subluxations, and dislocations in the pediatric cervical spine: report of eight cases and review of the literature.
Academic Article Routine use of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 in posterior fusions of the pediatric spine: safety profile and efficacy in the early postoperative period.
Academic Article Effectiveness of a clinical pathway for patients with cerebrospinal fluid shunt malfunction.
Academic Article Failure of ETV in patients with the highest ETV success scores.
Academic Article Accurate placement of cerebrospinal fluid shunt ventricular catheters with real-time ultrasound guidance in older children without patent fontanelles.
Academic Article Progression of cerebrospinal fluid cell count and differential over a treatment course of shunt infection.
Academic Article Occipital-Cervical Fusion and Ventral Decompression in the Surgical Management of Chiari-1 Malformation and Syringomyelia: Analysis of Data From the Park-Reeves Syringomyelia Research Consortium.
Academic Article Laparoscopy-assisted ventriculoperitoneal shunt surgery in children: a series of 11 cases.
Academic Article Outcomes of Chiari I-associated scoliosis after intervention: a meta-analysis of the pediatric literature.
Academic Article Efficacy and safety of endoscopic transventricular lamina terminalis fenestration for hydrocephalus.
Academic Article The effect of weekend and after-hours surgery on morbidity and mortality rates in pediatric neurosurgery patients.
Academic Article Isolated cervical spinal canal stenosis at C-1 in the pediatric population and in Williams syndrome.
Academic Article Congenital hypoplasia or aplasia of the lumbosacral pedicle as an unusual cause of spondylolisthesis in the pediatric age group.
Academic Article Health-related quality of life outcomes and level of evidence in pediatric neurosurgery.
Academic Article Management of ruptured dissecting intracranial aneurysms in infants: report of four cases and review of the literature.
Academic Article Neurofibromas of the Phrenic Nerve: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.
Academic Article Trends in epidemiology and hospitalization utilization for myelomeningocele repair from 2000 to 2009.
Academic Article Patient-reported outcomes of occipitocervical and atlantoaxial fusions in children.
Academic Article Management of Penetrating Cerebrovascular Injuries in Pediatric Trauma: A Retrospective Multicenter Study.
Academic Article Minimally invasive lumbar microdiscectomy in pediatric patients: a series of 6 patients.
Academic Article Identifying Factors Predictive of Atlantoaxial Fusion Failure in Pediatric Patients: Lessons Learned From a Retrospective Pediatric Craniocervical Society Study.
Academic Article Cerebral arteriovenous malformations.
Academic Article Development of secondary unilateral coronal suture synostosis with a sagittal suture synostosis in a nonsyndromic patient.
Academic Article The periinsular functional hemispherotomy.
Academic Article A standardized protocol to reduce preoperative hypothermia in pediatric spinal fusion surgery: a quality improvement initiative.
Academic Article Surgical treatment of thoracic Pott disease in a 3-year-old child, with vertebral column resection and posterior-only circumferential reconstruction of the spinal column: case report.
Academic Article Computed tomography morphometric analysis for lateral mass screw placement in the pediatric subaxial cervical spine.
Academic Article Extracranial traumatic carotid artery dissections in children: a review of current diagnosis and treatment options.
Academic Article Glioblastoma of the cerebellum in children: report of five cases and review of the literature.
Academic Article Pediatric National Surgical Quality Improvement Program: Useful for Quality Improvement in Craniosynostosis Surgery?
Academic Article Treatment options for pediatric craniopharyngioma.
Academic Article Socioeconomic and demographic factors in the diagnosis and treatment of Chiari malformation type I and syringomyelia.
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