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Cranial Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Elderly American Indians: Design, Methods, and Implementation of the Cerebrovascular Disease and Its Consequences in American Indians Study.Academic Article Why?
Culture and the restoration of self among former American Indian drinkers.Academic Article Why?
Diabetes care among older urban American Indians and Alaska Natives.Academic Article Why?
A cardiovascular risk reduction program for American Indians with metabolic syndrome: the Balance Study.Academic Article Why?
A longitudinal study of self-esteem, cultural identity, and academic success among American Indian adolescents.Academic Article Why?
A program of research on spirituality and American Indian alcohol use.Academic Article Why?
Aboriginal social organization, contemporary experience and American Indian adolescent alcohol use.Academic Article Why?
ADHD Symptoms in American Indian/Alaska Native Boys and Girls.Academic Article Why?
Alcohol intake and glycemia in American Indians: the strong heart study.Academic Article Why?
American Indian Diabetes Prevention Center: Challenges of a Health Equity Quest.Academic Article Why?
American Indian Elders' resilience: Sources of strength for building a healthy future for youth.Academic Article Why?
American Indian family caregivers' experiences with helping elders.Academic Article Why?
American Indians with substance use disorders: treatment needs and comorbid conditions.Academic Article Why?
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