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Hypertension in older urban Native-American primary care patients.Academic Article Why?
A Survey of Self-Management and Intrusiveness of Illness in Native Americans with Diabetes Mellitus.Academic Article Why?
Acanthosis Nigricans, insulin resistance (HOMA) and dyslipidemia among Native American children.Academic Article Why?
Addressing food insecurity in a Native American reservation using community-based participatory research.Academic Article Why?
Anger types and the use of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco among Native American adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Behind the smokescreen: Native American tobacco use in Oklahoma.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular disease research in Native Americans.Academic Article Why?
Characteristics associated with reservation travel among urban Native American outpatients.Academic Article Why?
Community-based participatory research with Native American communities: the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program.Academic Article Why?
Genetic variation and population structure in native Americans.Academic Article Why?
Hierarchical modeling of genome-wide Short Tandem Repeat (STR) markers infers native American prehistory.Academic Article Why?
Lipoprotein changes in relation to body mass index in Native American adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Public policy implications of tobacco industry smuggling through Native American reservations into Canada.Academic Article Why?
Racial disparities in treatment and survival of hepatocellular carcinoma in native Americans and Hispanics.Academic Article Why?
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