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Concept Motivation
Academic Article Automated Mobile Delivery of Financial Incentives for Smoking Cessation Among Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Adults: Feasibility Study.
Academic Article Predicting the first smoking lapse during a quit attempt: A machine learning approach.
Academic Article Greater perceived importance of earning abstinence-contingent incentives is associated with smoking cessation among socioeconomically disadvantaged adults.
Academic Article Evaluating the influences of social support and smoking cues on daily smoking abstinence among socioeconomically disadvantaged adults.
Academic Article A cross-lagged path analysis of five intrapersonal determinants of smoking cessation.
Academic Article Predicting quit attempts among homeless smokers seeking cessation treatment: an ecological momentary assessment study.
Academic Article Financial incentives for abstinence among socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals in smoking cessation treatment.
Academic Article Cigarette Purchasing Patterns, Readiness to Quit, and Quit Attempts Among Homeless Smokers.
Academic Article Comparing homeless smokers to economically disadvantaged domiciled smokers.
Academic Article Health Risk Factors and Desire to Change among Homeless Adults.
Academic Article The Time-Varying Relations Between Risk Factors and Smoking Before and After a Quit Attempt.
Academic Article Concurrent nicotine and tobacco product use among homeless smokers and associations with cigarette dependence and other factors related to quitting.
Academic Article Small financial incentives increase smoking cessation in homeless smokers: a pilot study.
Academic Article Health-Related Quality of Life Among Homeless Smokers: Risk and Protective Factors of Latent Class Membership.
Academic Article Direct and indirect effects of false safety behaviors on cannabis use and related problems.
Academic Article Understanding the link between contingency management and smoking cessation: The roles of sex and self-efficacy.
Grant Development and Testing of a Just-in-Time Adaptive Smart Phone Intervention to Reduce Drinking among Homeless Adults
Academic Article Mobile contingency management for smoking cessation among socioeconomically disadvantaged adults: Protocol for a randomized trial.
Academic Article Tobacco use characteristics, treatment preferences, and motivation to quit among adults accessing a day shelter in Oklahoma City.
Academic Article Daily adherence to nicotine replacement therapy in low-income smokers: The role of gender, negative mood, motivation, and self-efficacy.
Academic Article Anxiety sensitivity and reasons for smoking among Black smokers.
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