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Concept Mice
Academic Article 3JC48-3 (methyl 4'-methyl-5-(7-nitrobenzo[c][1,2,5]oxadiazol-4-yl)-[1,1'-biphenyl]-3-carboxylate): a novel MYC/MAX dimerization inhibitor reduces prostate cancer growth.
Academic Article Lafora disease E3 ubiquitin ligase malin is recruited to the processing bodies and regulates the microRNA-mediated gene silencing process via the decapping enzyme Dcp1a.
Academic Article Immunotherapeutic vitamin E nanoemulsion synergies the antiproliferative activity of paclitaxel in breast cancer cells via modulating Th1 and Th2 immune response.
Academic Article Combination of mAb-AR20.5, anti-PD-L1 and PolyICLC inhibits tumor progression and prolongs survival of MUC1.Tg mice challenged with pancreatic tumors.
Academic Article Pluronic block copolymers enhance the anti-myeloma activity of proteasome inhibitors.
Academic Article a-Tocopherol succinate protects mice against radiation-induced gastrointestinal injury.
Academic Article EHD1 and RUSC2 Control Basal Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Cell Surface Expression and Recycling.
Academic Article Activation of serum/glucocorticoid-induced kinase 1 (SGK1) underlies increased glycogen levels, mTOR activation, and autophagy defects in Lafora disease.
Academic Article Listeria monocytogenes upregulates mitochondrial calcium signalling to inhibit LC3-associated phagocytosis as a survival strategy.
Academic Article Chitosan coated PluronicF127 micelles for effective delivery of Amphotericin B in experimental visceral leishmaniasis.
Academic Article RNA interference suppression of MUC1 reduces the growth rate and metastatic phenotype of human pancreatic cancer cells.
Academic Article Monocyte metabolic reprogramming promotes pro-inflammatory activity and Staphylococcus aureus biofilm clearance.
Academic Article Radioprotective efficacy of tocopherol succinate is mediated through granulocyte-colony stimulating factor.
Academic Article MUC1 mucin stabilizes and activates hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha to regulate metabolism in pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article Local and systemic immunosuppression in pancreatic cancer: Targeting the stalwarts in tumor's arsenal.
Academic Article Targeting Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1a/Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase 1 Axis by Dichloroacetate Suppresses Bleomycin-induced Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Academic Article MUC1-Mediated Metabolic Alterations Regulate Response to Radiotherapy in Pancreatic Cancer.
Academic Article Macrophages potentiate STAT3 signaling in skeletal muscles and regulate pancreatic cancer cachexia.
Academic Article Fascin promotes lung cancer growth and metastasis by enhancing glycolysis and PFKFB3 expression.
Academic Article Improved chemotherapy against breast cancer through immunotherapeutic activity of fucoidan decorated electrostatically assembled nanoparticles bearing doxorubicin.
Academic Article CXC chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) targeted gold nanoparticles potently enhance radiotherapy outcomes in breast cancer.
Academic Article A Novel Redox Modulator Induces a GPX4-Mediated Cell Death That Is Dependent on Iron and Reactive Oxygen Species.
Academic Article Alpha-tocopherol succinate-mobilized progenitors improve intestinal integrity after whole body irradiation.
Academic Article Combination of ERK and autophagy inhibition as a treatment approach for pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article a-Tocopherol succinate- and AMD3100-mobilized progenitors mitigate radiation-induced gastrointestinal injury in mice.
Academic Article Pluronic F-127 Stabilised Docetaxel Nanocrystals Improve Apoptosis by Mitochondrial Depolarization in Breast Cancer Cells: Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity Assessment.
Academic Article Silibinin-mediated metabolic reprogramming attenuates pancreatic cancer-induced cachexia and tumor growth.
Academic Article The distinct metabolic phenotype of lung squamous cell carcinoma defines selective vulnerability to glycolytic inhibition.
Academic Article Hypoxia-Mediated In Vivo Tumor Glucose Uptake Measurement and Analysis.
Academic Article Evaluation of Macrophage Polarization in Pancreatic Cancer Microenvironment Under Hypoxia.
Academic Article Cerebellar Ataxia and Coenzyme Q Deficiency through Loss of Unorthodox Kinase Activity.
Academic Article Radioprotective properties of tocopherol succinate against ionizing radiation in mice.
Academic Article Tuft Cells Inhibit Pancreatic Tumorigenesis in Mice by Producing Prostaglandin D2.
Academic Article JNK signaling contributes to skeletal muscle wasting and protein turnover in pancreatic cancer cachexia.
Academic Article IgE-Based Therapeutic Combination Enhances Antitumor Response in Preclinical Models of Pancreatic Cancer.
Academic Article Graviola: a novel promising natural-derived drug that inhibits tumorigenicity and metastasis of pancreatic cancer cells in vitro and in vivo through altering cell metabolism.
Academic Article Role of radiation-induced granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in recovery from whole body gamma-irradiation.
Academic Article Tubastatin, a selective histone deacetylase 6 inhibitor shows anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effects.
Academic Article Herpes Simplex Virus 1 MicroRNA miR-H8 Is Dispensable for Latency and Reactivation In Vivo.
Academic Article Mobilized progenitor cells as a bridging therapy for radiation casualties: a brief review of tocopherol succinate-based approaches.
Academic Article Whole body protection to lethally irradiated mice by oral administration of semipurified fraction of Podophyllum hexandrum and post irradiation treatment of Picrorhiza kurroa.
Academic Article YAP1-Mediated CDK6 Activation Confers Radiation Resistance in Esophageal Cancer - Rationale for the Combination of YAP1 and CDK4/6 Inhibitors in Esophageal Cancer.
Academic Article Sonic hedgehog promotes desmoplasia in pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article Visceral adipose tissue remodeling in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cachexia: the role of activin A signaling.
Academic Article De Novo Lipid Synthesis Facilitates Gemcitabine Resistance through Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Pancreatic Cancer.
Academic Article Fascin Controls Metastatic Colonization and Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation by Remodeling Mitochondrial Actin Filaments.
Academic Article Glycogen synthase protects neurons from cytotoxicity of mutant huntingtin by enhancing the autophagy flux.
Academic Article Fabrication of 3-O-sn-Phosphatidyl-L-serine Anchored PLGA Nanoparticle Bearing Amphotericin B for Macrophage Targeting.
Academic Article Platelet-derived growth factor receptor beta-mediated phosphorylation of MUC1 enhances invasiveness in pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells.
Academic Article Overexpression of ecdysoneless in pancreatic cancer and its role in oncogenesis by regulating glycolysis.
Academic Article Osteoprotegerin is sensitive to actomyosin tension in human periodontal ligament fibroblasts.
Academic Article Podophyllum hexandrum (Himalayan mayapple) extract provides radioprotection by modulating the expression of proteins associated with apoptosis.
Academic Article Ultra high dose rate (35?Gy/sec) radiation does not spare the normal tissue in cardiac and splenic models of lymphopenia and gastrointestinal syndrome.
Academic Article The malin-laforin complex suppresses the cellular toxicity of misfolded proteins by promoting their degradation through the ubiquitin-proteasome system.
Academic Article Radioprotection by Podophyllum hexandrum in the liver of mice: A mechanistic approach.
Academic Article Protection of the hemopoietic system by Podophyllum hexandrum against gamma radiation-induced damage.
Academic Article CRTC3 links catecholamine signalling to energy balance.
Academic Article Trans-cellular introduction of HIV-1 protein Nef induces pathogenic response in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Academic Article Microscale Gene Expression Analysis of Tumor-Associated Macrophages.
Academic Article Active YAP promotes pancreatic cancer cell motility, invasion and tumorigenesis in a mitotic phosphorylation-dependent manner through LPAR3.
Academic Article Molecular and Physiological Evaluation of Pancreatic Cancer-Induced Cachexia.
Academic Article Hypoxia-Driven Oncometabolite L-2HG Maintains Stemness-Differentiation Balance and Facilitates Immune Evasion in Pancreatic Cancer.
Academic Article CBLB613: a TLR 2/6 agonist, natural lipopeptide of Mycoplasma arginini , as a novel radiation countermeasure.
Academic Article Ecdysoneless Overexpression Drives Mammary Tumorigenesis through Upregulation of C-MYC and Glucose Metabolism.
Academic Article Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor antibody abrogates radioprotective efficacy of gamma-tocotrienol, a promising radiation countermeasure.
Academic Article Cell surface-associated mucins in signal transduction.
Academic Article Doxorubicin Hydrochloride Loaded Zymosan-Polyethylenimine Biopolymeric Nanoparticles for Dual 'Chemoimmunotherapeutic' Intervention in Breast Cancer.
Academic Article The laforin-malin complex negatively regulates glycogen synthesis by modulating cellular glucose uptake via glucose transporters.
Academic Article RNA-Binding Protein HuR Regulates Both Mutant and Wild-Type IDH1 in IDH1-Mutated Cancer.
Academic Article Exploiting Arginine Auxotrophy with Pegylated Arginine Deiminase (ADI-PEG20) to Sensitize Pancreatic Cancer to Radiotherapy via Metabolic Dysregulation.
Academic Article p63 and SOX2 Dictate Glucose Reliance and Metabolic Vulnerabilities in Squamous Cell Carcinomas.
Academic Article O-GlcNAc Transferase Links Glucose Metabolism to MAVS-Mediated Antiviral Innate Immunity.
Academic Article Metabolic Rewiring by Loss of Sirt5 Promotes Kras-Induced Pancreatic Cancer Progression.
Academic Article Decreased O-linked GlcNAcylation protects from cytotoxicity mediated by huntingtin exon1 protein fragment.
Academic Article EGFR-Targeted Polymeric Mixed Micelles Carrying Gemcitabine for Treating Pancreatic Cancer.
Academic Article Synergistic anti-glioma effect of a coloaded nano-drug delivery system.
Academic Article O-GlcNAc Transferase Suppresses Inflammation and Necroptosis by Targeting Receptor-Interacting Serine/Threonine-Protein Kinase 3.
Academic Article SIRT1-NOX4 signaling axis regulates cancer cachexia.
Academic Article Preclinical Risk Evaluation of Normal Tissue Injury With Novel Radiosensitizers.
Academic Article The FDA-Approved Anthelmintic Pyrvinium Pamoate Inhibits Pancreatic Cancer Cells in Nutrient-Depleted Conditions by Targeting the Mitochondria.
Academic Article ENT1 blockade by CNX-774 overcomes resistance to DHODH inhibition in pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article Pancreatic tumor microenvironmental acidosis and hypoxia transform gold nanorods into cell-penetrant particles for potent radiosensitization.
Academic Article Uncloaking cell-impermeant gold nanorods via tumor microenvironmental cathepsin B facilitates cancer cell penetration and potent radiosensitization.
Academic Article Phosphorylation of spleen tyrosine kinase at Y346 negatively regulates ITAM-mediated signaling and function in platelets.
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